The Story of Cup of Daisies and Oana

Cup of Daisies is a British fashion label created in 2013 in South Wales. It has grown and developed with me.
I am an artist who creates first the painted canvas then translates the sketches digitally. Through my hand drawings my prints have an organic flow. I use inks and acrylic paint. My work focuses in telling the story of subjects from society and nature injecting passion into fashion. I draw from the stunning wild life and nature and I am inspired very much from the work of the charities I chosen to sponsor. I care for society and I want my products to reflect my kind spirit.

I want fashion and craftsmanship be available to you not only for style but also for social responsibility. Each of my pieces are hand finished with their hems rolled and featured in beautiful packaging.
Since 2020, our products are designed and made in Britain of which I am proud . We use 100% silk twill . My scarves are timeless and I want my customers to enjoy wearable art.